Monday, July 21, 2008

Thing 23

Yahoo!! I am almost done. (OK, OK, I know I'm not really done learning.)

I had a really hard time deciding my most favorite and least favorite "things". If I had to pick one favorite, it would probably be "Library Thing". I am having so much fun keeping my reading list on it.

It was interesting to see that many people got stuck in the same areas that I did as well.

Seeing all that is out there emphasized that we need to work to continuously grow our bandwidth. BANDWIDTH, BANDWIDTH, BANDWIDTH.

Overall, this was a great experience. I learned a lot. I really appreciated that you offered it twice, so those of who got overwhelmed with our daily work had time to finish.

The format worked well too. I could do it from home or the office, and I could do it in small chunks of time as well. I would do it again.

It made me get onto web sites that I had been meaning to explore for ages. I was coasting a little, and it moved me (and the library) forward.

What a great way to move all Minnesota libraries forward!

Thing 22

Since I took a long break in the middle of my 23 Things, I can really relate to how well I've integrated what I've learned into my daily life. Some of the new tools, I am using often (though none daily).

As an administrator, I believe it has made me more open to changes. I know we need to be where are patrons are -- and that is certainly online. We need to integrate some of these new tools into our website -- not just because they are fun, but because it's the best way to reach out.

We have a culture of continuous learning here at RPL. Library 2.0 technologies are part of that mix.

I resolve to continue with webinars, Webjunction, professional reading (print & online), conferences, etc. to keep up with web 2.0.

Thing 21

Social networking is interesting. I like the idea of anyone creating a social network on any topic. But with all these different web sites, how do you really pull people together? Seems to me you still need something to pull it all together.

I really struggled with adding the badge until I read the help screens. duh!

I guess I lean toward using social networks to build stronger ties with known friends. Unless I have a driving need on a special topic, I don't see myself needing to be on lots of social networks.

View my page on 23 Things on a Stick

Thing 20

I had fun with this one. I joined Facebook and became friends with my nieces and nephews. I've even expanded a little beyond that through people we mutually know. One of my nieces even gave me a lesson.

I wrote on their walls and I joined a group.

I didn't create an account my MySpace, but I did go out and look at the library pages suggested.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Thing 19

I had listened to a few podcasts -- one usually directed to me via email or where I knew the website and wanted to listen to an archived piece.

I went to a few of the directories listed. I found some using Google as well. I listened to an HGTV design show and a technology show.

We've just bought some podcasting equipment for the library, so we will be using it for programming. We've got a legal release ready to go, so that we can add it to the website. A work in progress....

Thing 18

YouTube is one of the resources that I am somewhat familiar with. The library has loaded some video to it -- information about our AMH system as well as some video contest winners.

I enjoyed playing around with it and watching some music videos, commercials, and library videos.

Here's one of my favorite MN Twins commericals:

Thing 17

The ELM databases are a fabulous resource. I direct patrons to them all the time. Even with some marketing dollars spent around databases, most people don't know they exist.

It had been awhile since I'd created an alert, so it was good to have the refresher. I had no trouble creating the RSS feed for a search.

I was able to create the web page as instructed on item 2. I can see how saving search results and other information when doing a project would be very helpful.

I thought the Proquest interface was a little easier to use than Ebsco's in terms of creating web sites and RSS feeds.

I like having the NetLibrary books available 24/7.